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PoE Speed 8 Port PoE+ switch at 10/100Mbps with 2 Ehternet Uplink ports | PS-POE18P


(34 customer reviews)


The PS-POE18P is an 10 Port PoE+ Switch (8 PoE+ Ports | 2 Uplink Port). This Power over Ethernet Switch has a total of 120 watts of Max power (up to 150W total power consumption); up to 30W per port. It also has two Ethernet uplink ports to allow for communication without sacrificing any PoE ports. This switch has a compact design with internal power supply.

US Based Warranty:

Not only do we offer a 30-days no-questions-asked refund policy, we also offer a US-based standard 1-year warranty that covers replacement.



Standard Support IEEE802.3,IEEE802.3u IEEE802.3x,IEEE802.3af/at
Number of PoE Ports 8×10/100M RJ45+POE, 2×10/100M RJ-45
Max Fram Size Backplane Bandwidth: 2Gbps; Packet forwarding rate:0.1488Mbps

Cache of each port:448K; MAC address: 1K

POE Compatibility IEEE802.3af/at
Network Media 10BASE-T: Cat3, Cat4, Cat5 or more UTP/STP(Max:100m);

100BASE-TX: Cat6 or more UTP/STP(Max:250m);

100BASE-TX: Over Cat5 or more UTP/STP(Max:100m)

Power Voltage Input Power: AC110-260V Output Voltage: DV48V ½+; 3/6-
Powe supply 96W
LED Indicators Power light(On: power; Not on: not power;OFF: normal mode )

Dial light(On: Extend mode,Flicker slowly; Vlan off: port range mode)

Link connection light: On: normal working; Flicker: data transmission;

off: failure linked)

Power Consumption 150 Watts (Max), Max: 15.4 W (IEEE 802.3af); 30W per Port (IEEE 802.3at)
Dimensions (L, W, D) 8inch x 4.75inch x 1.75inch
Weight 1.98 lb
Connectors(W x D x H) RJ-45
Working Environmnet Working Environment: -20℃-55℃;

Working Temperature: -40℃-80℃;

Working Humidity: 10%-90%RH Non-condensing

Storage Humidity: 5%-95%RH Non-condensing

34 reviews for PoE Speed 8 Port PoE+ switch at 10/100Mbps with 2 Ehternet Uplink ports | PS-POE18P

  1. J. Correa

    For the money, I couldn’t find better. Haven’t need to reach out to tech support so can only presume that with a quality product like this, they’ll stand behind it. I have this switch tucked away in a cabinet where the former owner of my house ran all the cables to the PoE security cameras. It is super-quiet and the flexibility of the mounting brackets is a nice touch.

  2. Michael L. McCrimmon

    Very fast delivery. Product as expected.

  3. John L.

    Plugged every thing in and it just works. 4 Amcrest 1080p cameras and a pc. One uplink port to the router and the other connected to a switch with 2 pc’s. No problems. Would recommend this switch to my friends.

  4. TOM B

    Easy to install. Works great for IP based phones that need POE.

  5. Roy Nuismer

    I have 5 POE+ cameras and a POE+ wireless access point on the switch. I also have an alarm interface and the router on the non POE ports. Everything powered up and auto-negtiated speed right away. I definitely recommend this product. I will revise my review if I encounter any problems.

  6. Colin M OHearn

    I wired every room of my new summer home with splineless cat6, the last two homes I used splined cat6 and it was a chore to pull and terminate, and RG6Q. I just installed some Unifi gear to match my other properties, just to get my network operational. I have the base USG with UCK and a UAP-AC-LR and my first UAP-AC-IW. The UCK and the two access points are plugged into the POE switch and are functioning as they should. I wish one or both of the uplink ports was an SFP port so I could utilize the multimode fiber cable I ran to the demarc, but I won’t take off any stars. The ubiquiti hardware was purchased recently so I didn’t have to worry about the non-standardized power injection that ubiquiti used to utilize. This switch has been working like a champ so far but I haven’t taxed the load yet, will hopefully do so when I complete punching down all the connections in the house this summer.

  7. Mr. MIGNON

    Have used these on 2 of my home camera installations. Like them for their build quality. They work.

  8. Technical solutions

    We just installed this PoE switch to power some VoIP phones and wireless access points. Both are working well.
    Many other brands only offer power injection on 4 ports with the other 4 ports getting no power. This PoE switch is powering at least six devices and doing well.

  9. LCBrevard

    Worked as advertised. My previous switch failed on and bought this as a replacement. Just hope it last longer than my previous is all i’m hoping for!

  10. T Tran

    My original PoE was purchased from Lorex with the equipment. My first option was to return to Lorex to replace it, but their prices were about 3 times more expensive than this purchase.

  11. Caesar Yanez

    We bought 10 of them already. They are very reliable and have plenty of power.

  12. Andrew P.

    Works really well. I like the price and the extra uplink ports.

  13. stepan

    The POE switch connects my POE IP cameras to my home network. It’s built ruggedly and has been in constant use for several months now without a glitch. Solid construction and performance at an affordable price. The internal power supply (no wall wart) is a plus too.

  14. Rich Church

    Great product. Great service. Used it for a video studio at my house.

  15. aybe760

    Excellent value, full speed on all ports….works perfectly!

  16. Jeremy Jurrens

    Works great. I use it as a dedicated solution for my POE security cameras. Decent power.

  17. Rich Church

    Been using it for over 6 months now and it seems solid for the price.

  18. dan wilhelm

    easy plug and play

  19. KIRK T.

    Purchased this for a small POE camera system and it works perfectly. The 2 extra non-POE ports are beneficial for the DVR and network uplink so that you are not wasting POE ports.

  20. Lee Howard

    Lightning strike took out my POE switch. Ordered at midnight Thursday and had it Friday night. Worked like a charm.
    Like the product very much. Recommend surge protection on both the AC power supply AND the Ethernet side, particularly if you have buried Ethernet wires.

  21. Raul V.

    VOIP switch

  22. J. Ruvio

    I wanted a rack mount switch with more than just a couple PoE ports for IP cameras, this one seemed to be the least expensive option. Easy setup and it works.

  23. St Joseph RC Church

    Everything works wonderfully. Used to power six Polycom VVX phones without any issues. Well built product and great price. Time will tell how reliable this product is 🙂

  24. Larry

    Use this switch everyday on my test desk to power up phones, AP’s and conference units . just plug and play

  25. Steven K.

    Very good value for the money. It has been running now for several months without any issues.

  26. Jim of Redlands

    Purchased 2 units and the first one has worked great so far. Powers my remote raspberry PI units fine.

  27. J C

    Product is very good quality, in both external appearance and functionality.I had originally bought the 5 port version, after several month of continuous use I was satisfied of its performance and decided to upgrade to this 10-port +2 model.

  28. Lauren

    Worked out perfectly for me

  29. Alexis Oliveros

    Well beyond what I expected for the price.
    Easy set up
    I own an IT company that installs security cameras. I only buy poespeed switches now.

  30. Ivan

    Installed Comcast VOIP phones that required a PoE switch. Had no problem setting up this switch as a secondary switch on the network. Seems well made. Been in place for two months now.

  31. Muggsie

    Great product! Easy to implement and handles POE devices effectively. Can’t go wrong with this for providing POE.

  32. Paul

    Had other POE Plus switches from Hikvision and Watchnet which both caused issues with my LAN Extenders. This switch worked perfectly with my other hardware

  33. StrongBadSmith

    Great bang for the buck. Powering multiple cameras with no issues. All ports are gigabit unlike much of the competition.

  34. Bryan J.

    Working great! Solved many power / camera drop issues I was having with my system. Moving my cams off the NVR’s POE ports to this dedicated switch is how I should have started my build. I can now access my cams directly over the network without having to log into and through the NRV, expanding my options for software & apps and a 2nd NVR for redundancy. My NVR is now remotely hidden, not having a bundle of POE cables to it. Bonus! You can hook your NVR directly to one of the non-POE ports and the other to your Router, they don’t both have to connected to the router to have a functioning switch. I bought & paid for this device out of my own pocket on a whim seeing it was cheaper than the big name devices, No Regrets!

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